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Recycling and Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 we have implemented the following policies at all of our locations:

1) Limit of two customers allowed inside at any time. Some curbside assistance is available if absolutely necessary, please call us when you get here if you require it. Otherwise just come inside the front door like normal and we’ll direct you where to go.

2) Mask’s are required to enter and receive any services.

3) Gloves are not to be worn inside, these are a health hazard and can carry the virus with you from location to location. Hand Sanitizer is provided if requested. All systems are disinfected both on the way into our repair lab, and on the way out of the lab to be returned back to you.

4) All employee and work area’s are under strict sanitation schedules and all employees have a clean mask provided to them.

5) We can no longer help unload/remove any recycling. We cannot touch any of your recycling or help in any way so if you will require assistance removing items for your vehicle, please bring it with you. If you cannot bring your own assistance, our recommendation would be to wait on recycling your items until this is over and we are able to help again.

6) Recycling hours have been reduced to 8am-5pm Monday-Friday and 10am-5pm on Saturdays. If you show up at or after 5pm you will be told to come back another day.

7) Please come inside the front door without any recycling first so we can verify what you have and handle any charges. You will receive a slip from us that you will need in order to drop off recycling at the rear of the building.

“Where computers go to die. And live again.” By Karen Ackerman Witter for Illinois Times

“Where computers go to die. And live again.”

BLH Computers of Springfield does nationwide business in electronics recycling