BLH Computers


Please contact us if your question is not answered here.

What is your hourly rate?

We offer flat-rate service, and do not charge by the hour.  Click here for rates.  Click here for contact information.

Is my computer done yet?

Our usual turn around time is two business days. You can check your claim ticket for an approximate time and date of completion.

Where are you located?

Please click here for locations and store hours. Click here for closings.

What are your hours?

Please click here for locations and store hours. Click here for closings.

Are you open?

Please click here for locations and store hours. Click here for closings.

What do you take for recycling?

Please view our Recycling page to learn about what we accept and how to properly recycle these items.

Where do I put this recycling?

If you’re in Springfield, it goes to the brown tables on your right. If you are in Jacksonville, it goes on the brown table to your left. If you are in Taylorville it goes in the west side building entrance. If you are in Decatur, please go in and ask Jake where he would like it.

How much can I recycle?

As much or as often as you need to during business hours. For large quantities please be courteous and call us well beforehand. We may need to make special arrangements to accommodate the amount of recycling.

Do I live inside Springfield city limits?

If you are able to vote for Springfield’s mayor, then you live inside the city limits. We check everyone’s address from a government issued photo ID with an address, such as a driver’s license or FOID card. We cannot accept your friend’s ID. We have the same restrictions as buying alcohol, it must be your ID.

Are you near the beach?

We are located in Jacksonville, Illinois, not Jacksonville, Florida. We are not near the beach, though we’d like to be.

What are your store policies?

1)  We are not liable for any injuries on our premises.

2)  No personal checks.  There is a $25 returned check fee for all returned Business Checks.  We take Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard Credit cards only 3)  ANY RETURNS WILL HAVE A 15% RESTOCKING FEE.  NO EXCEPTIONS 4) All returns require Store Management approval 5) No exchanges or returns after 90 days 6)  NO Refunds on labor – EVER 7)  90 Day warranty on all hardware 8)  30 Day warranty on Labor 9)  BLH does not warranty any battery on any laptop 10)  Diagnostics is “here is the problem with your computer” It does not fix anything. 11)  Our warranty does not cover any issues such as third party software.  Installing Peer to Peer software of any kind will void all warranties. 12)  Flat Rate labor covers labor and USED in stock parts only.  You will be charged for any new parts to fix your computer that we do not have in stock.  We will call you if a new part has to be ordered. 13)  We reserve the right to refuse to work on any item for any reason.  This includes systems purchased from BLH Computers. 14)  Data is YOUR responsibility.  If we do a back-up of your computer there is an extra charge on top of the flat rate labor.  Data back-up is not guaranteed.  This policy extends to computer recycling.  If you do not request a back-up it will not be done and you may not be called before data is erased. 15) Backups are of personal data only.  Programs can NOT be backed up.  They must be reinstalled.  We can reinstall any programs if you supply us with the software and valid key. 16) Turn around time is typically 2 days.  Please do not call until after 48 hours of drop off for status.  We will call you when the computer is finished.  You cannot rush perfection – you do get a warranty 17)   Any Item left over 60 days will be recycled and your information will be lost permanently 18) Once an item is recycled it becomes the property of BLH Computers and cannot, nor will it be released from our control to anyone without management approval.

Where can I leave a review?

You can review us on Google+. Here’s our links: We also greatly appreciate reviews sent directly to us. Let us know what you think with this survey.