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Repair Services

Repair Services

BLH Computers, Inc. offers a flat fee of $100 for computer repair in Springfield, IL and the surrounding areas.* This fee includes any used parts we have in stock at no extra charge. You can rely on us to complete your repairs within two business days, and we also offer expedited services for a one-day turnaround.** We can fix many common computer repair concerns including virus removal, computer screen repair, and more. We can also provide you with hardware installation and configuration included in your standard service. All of our repair services are provided with a full 30-day warranty as well as a 90-day warranty on parts. Whether you need recycling service for your old electronics, or you are in need of laptop sales for a great deal, we can provide you with the right solutions. Our computer repair services include:
  • Virus/Spyware removal
  • Stop errors aka “Blue Screen of Death”
  • Power issues/not powering on
  • Optimization and general cleanup
  • Start the computer from scratch with all the latest updates
  • Computer’s wireless not connecting to any networks/can’t find a signal
  • Cracked laptop screen/dim screen
  • Not booting into Windows
  • Can’t connect to the internet
  • Hard drive failure
  • Keep up with the latest drivers and updates
  • Can’t play movies or videos
  • No sound
Our additional services include free wipe and reload on all BLH purchased computers, data backup services, power jack repairs, laptop screen repair, smartphone, and tablet repairs. You can also rely on us to handle the reinstallation of software, parts replacement, broken disc drives, and more. We will take care of all of your electronic repair needs in central IL.

Free Wipe and Reload on BLH-Purchased Machines

On any machine bought from us we can clear out and reload any computer for free, for the life of the motherboard. If it needs any parts swapped out at that time and we have the part in stock, they are included as well. Please have your receipt or price sticker with the machine for proof of purchase. Backup fees still apply.

Data Backup Service

All BLH stores also offer a $50 data backup service. We can grab any pictures, music, documents, videos or any other important files you may need. It doesn’t matter if the computer can power on or if it has viruses, we can still safely save any files you may have on the machine so long as the the hard drive is functioning. Even if the computer has been sitting in the closet for years there’s a good chance we can still recover any data you may need. We are not able to save programs as programs need to be reinstalled to work properly. We can save the data you create with that program, just not the program itself.

Power Jack Repairs

We can also repair power jacks on laptops. We can repair all types of power jacks, though some may need done at our Springfield location depending on connection type.  This type of repair would fall under our $100 flat labor rate.*

Laptop Screen Repairs

A broken or busted screen does not mean the death of a laptop. If you have a laptop with a cracked or dim screen we can replace it for you. If we have a replacement screen in stock there’s no charge for the part! Just like any other service repair, if we have the part in stock it’s free; you only pay for the service. The labor cost on a screen repair is only $50.

Smartphone & Tablet Repairs

If you’ve got a cracked screen or busted digitizer (the touch in touchscreen) then bring it into us to get it fixed. We can work on a wide variety of smartphones and tablet devices. The cost to repair tablet screens will fall under our $100 flat rate fee plus the cost for the part. Smartphone repair is $50 or $100 depending on the type of repair plus the cost for part. There’s no reason to buy a new iPhone or Kindle at triple the cost when you can bring it to us for repair. Screens on most mobile devices can be replaced. Parts like audio jacks, charge ports, or cameras may be replaced but are handled on a case by case basis.

Additional Services

Got any other problem and need some help? We can fix that too. If you need us to reinstall any software you may be having trouble with or have a part you may need replaced we can handle that as well. Whether the problem is a broken disc drive, a laptop keyboard that needs replaced, a driver install or any other issue we can take care of it for you.   **The expedited service is an additional $50 for all locations.