Find answers to common queries about BLH Computers’ services and certifications.

We offer comprehensive electronic recycling solutions to responsibly manage electronic waste. Check out our Recycling page for more information.

Yes, we are both NAID and E-Stewards certified for environmentally responsible electronic waste management. Anything we recycle with potential data is sanitized and destroyed. We offer varying levels of certification of destruction upon request. Certifications can be viewed here.

Yes, we specialize in computer repairs to ensure your devices are functioning optimally. Check out our Repair Services page.

No, we do not repair televisions. We would recommend checking out Great Western Team Service or Beatty Televisual instead.

We offer some console repairs depending on the system. We do not offer any repair for XBox consoles. We can do HDMI replacements on non-mini Playstation consoles. We cannot repair USB charge ports in the Nintendo Switch. For everything else, please contact your nearest store.

We always recommend you keep your own backup’s up to date. However, we provide varying levels of data recovery and backup depending on your needs. Contact your nearest store for more information.

Our usual turn around time is two business days. You can check your claim ticket for an approximate time and date of completion. We will contact you as soon as your repair is completed.

We are located in Jacksonville, Illinois, not Jacksonville, Florida. We are sadly no where near the beach, though we’d like to be.